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20 September 2006 @ 04:21 pm
Steve Irwin 1962–2006  
On September 4, 2006, the world lost a great person: Steve Irwin. I think that he deserves to be eulogized at this site because Steve was the world greatest rescuer of crocodiles. He worked hard to make people understand the beauty that these animals that many are repulsed by have and at the same time, he took heroic measures to transport crocodiles that were endangering human beings back to their natural habitats. Steve did not resort to sedatives, he used cunning when he caught these gigantic reptiles. The animals were not harmed. He'd rather be harmed than harm the animals. I true trooper he was.

Ironically, Steve's life was shortened by the barb of one of the most docile animals in the animal kingdom: a stingray. A stingray that mistook Steve for an enemy and backed into Steve's chest, hitting him on the heart. Death by stingray is rare. Unfortunately, Steve was one of the few. 

I am here to offer my condolences to the world for losing such a great individual. I feel terribly for his wife, daughter, son, father, and the rest of his family and friends. May they find comfort in the years to come, and may Bindi, his lovely daughter, follow in his footsteps, as she already seems to do.
Rick Day: stingraysrick_day on September 21st, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)